Ok, quick caveat/disclaimer/excuse: i would like to re-iterate this is my first imovie (free version) experiment and i actually did intend and allow myself a high cheese factor therein.

So, back to the track. This is a collaboration with fellow Manc electronic activist Paul Green. I heard this track on his soundcloud and instantly thought of an escapist, let’s get away from it all paradise beach holiday feeling. And so we recorded some vocals and he accused me of going lounge jazz. Yea, i can do lounge jazz – bring on the spectrum of moods and voices.

So, this is intended as a depth of winter gift if you, like me, have chosen to reside in a cold, grey, long winter clime. And shall not be jetting off to a tranquil beach holiday, only wondering where the next coconut vessel cocktail will appear.

I hope you enjoy the cheese and virtual vitamin D