You may well have heard me celebrating the wonder and skills of young Dark Lyza before now. Well, now she has choreographed another hypnotic piece for a remix I have done of Frau Aike’s spaciously sexy electro track “She is her King” that will be unleashed on vinyl by Anorakism in the non-too distant future.

This lo-fi documentation of the piece’s first performance will be re-shot (I’m thinking face on or is that too Tales of the Unexpected?- as if that’s a problem) to constitute a video for the track. This track will also form part of an intended remix coda on the forthcoming “Til you’re no longer blinkered” album. What a dark star Lyza is – she also provides the giggles, growls and polyphonic clarinet tones in the remix.

Lines of communications open to suggestions on how best to portray this artful wobblery….