very pleasantly surprised to get news through from the clever and creative Mr Monolake of his new album. His statement “The music on this album has not been compressed, limited or maximized at any production stage” sparked my imagination. Not even in the mastering. Interesting question – in an age of over-use of compression – of whether it is necessary at all and listening to the previews it sounds more open, spacious and each sound breathes more.

VU meter

Does compression tire the ears and hence we won’t listen to something very much? I do sometimes find this is the case with some stuff i listen to (especially Radio 1, tho i doubt this is solely down to compression issues). Check it out..and question what they teach you ;> I am..

Pre-listen Monolake new album called Silence

Pres tell if u have an opinion..

And while I’m on the subject of compression/limiting check this mastering interview with busy berlin geezer Rashad Becker