Think my remix for one of Newcastle’s top leading lady Beccy Owen is pretty much done tho not yet dusted. And I am rather relieved and a tad overjoyed that it pleases her. She kindly sent me a copy of the album and invited me to choose a track to play with and minimal track The Deeps shone out. The pristine voice and sensual piano captivated me straight away, as did the prospect of toying with the her sustained high notes and delicious words therein.

Beccy Owen live
Hence indulged in a panning, distorting journey. And Gayle Hutchinson – only just recently disbanded to Leeds from the Toon – added the required and desired serving of warm strings. Nice to be maintaining the uppermost north connections.

Beccy’s original can be heard on her Beccy Owen Myspace

Outlet of the piece currently in discussion…