untapped installation is all set up and hopefully with endure the month duration of its airing. There are 2 tracks on a loop (about as technical as i could get at this time).

untapped tuning fork
Track 1 is ambient extracts from my journey through the un-public realms of Professor Alan Short’s project. To listen to these you can perch by a window and peer upon the oxford road busyness and snippet of sky. Track 2 is the beated beast further tweaked, this time offered with blindfold and sofa embellished with cushion – a taste of my most preferred perspective.

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AIR ARCH-THEATREweb_1.jpg.thumb
And now i am starting to feel spoilt or greedy depending on which demon/angel is vocalising. Looking forward to my first theatre show experience – 3 1/2 days of delivering a 20 min show. I have constructed some sonic accompaniment along Kate Bradnam’s illuminating journey for one and shall also being tinkering with my voice and pedals at the bottom of some stairs in there somewhere. wonder how it will all be received…possible the first and last chance to sneak a peak at this labyrinth-ic bowels of this sophisticated building with surreal interjections. all good wholesome mischief and expansion for sure :>

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