Some wonderful responses to the piece linked below – the outcome of my Contact Theatre residency. Some were not what I was intending – the horror, monster, intimidating, bomb and thunder references for example – so will help even more when i come to tweak further:

Film, cinema, heart pounding, titanic, museum, train (ride), someone falling, fan, motor, trapped, interesting, keys in pocket, the building knows we are listening to it and it’s never heard itself before, industrial monster, mining (coal and diamond), volcanic eruption, climbing african mountain, snakes and buffalos, confused, leaving the womb, gamelan, school monkey bars, broken, harry potter, harsh noise mixed with harmony, freedom and entrapment, epic, tribal, feral, haunting, lost, shiver, tune in, iron lungs, banging breath, fire breath, chanting woman, subterraenean, hypnosis, restlessness, scary, isolating, intimidating, industrial, dark, spiky, metallic, being chased, flashes of light, crinkly, moving, rainfall slow motion, comforting, fire, factory, bell, sea, wave, hologram, pulsing, mechanism.

Might be interesting to add these words to piece – whispered?

Here is link again for the piece – what do u see/feel?

untapped airtime2 mix